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A magazine about people in Belfast

and NI Places – by Belfast photographers.

Belfast photographers -
Bout Yeh was started by Belfast photographer Stephen Bradley as his way of paying back to society.

“Having lived, and worked, on both sides of the Atlantic photographing lifestyle, portraiture and location photography for clients including Newsweek, The LA Times, The Economist, Dunlop Sports, Coca Cola, I’ve often wanted to give something back to society. Taking pictures of people in Belfast, when I’m sometimes privileged to be given insights into their lives, I hope my imagery and stories of life lessons learned (and lessons still to be learned) benefit those who see them.”

Our photography services include:

  • Portrait photography.
  • Wedding photography.
  • Editorial photography.
  • Advertising photography.
  • PR photography.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY – Having photographed everyone from members of the public, to celebrities and business executives, for local and international magazines and newspapers, we create unique and memorable portrait photography, at home, studio or at a location of your choosing.

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY – Whether reportage or a more stylised type of wedding photography, we deliver high end work that will live forever as a treasured memory of your special day.

EDITORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY – We have photographed for clients including Newsweek, The Economist, New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, Stern and Paris Match.

Shooting in a style of our choosing or to an editorial style to match the clients publication, we always deliver. Our lead photographer, Stephen S T Bradley, was awarded NI News Photographer of the Year two years in a row.

ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY – Unsurpassed in Belfast, our photographers have worked for BBDO, J Walter Thompson, Coca Cola USA, NI Executive (Annual Report), Randstad USA and Dunlop Sports.

PR PHOTOGRAPHY – Experienced creating eye catching photographs of even the most generic of subjects, our photography and first class connections with local and national media ensure we deliver the goods – for PR photography clients including Edelman, UPS USA, Diageo, and Tesco.

Whether it’s big or small, each of us has a story to tell that will touch others.

Share your story with us, and be featured in bout yeh!


Rohingya - Pulitzer prize winning photographer Cathal McNaughton at his exhibition of photographs at Belfast Exposed documenting the Rohingya. Photo 0663 by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast.
Sandra Shaw - featured artist. Photo shared by Bout Yeh photography and video production Belfast
Professor Salman Abu Sitta, pictured after giving a talk on Palestine at Belfast Feile 2019 - 1200 pixel photo 8831 by Bout Yeh photographers and video production, online store, online magazine and social media ma
Margaret Brand, Irish painter.
Andrew McLaughlin wearing Ulster flag in front of Toronto Canada - featured photo 4924 shared by Bout Yeh photographers and video production Belfast
Bee on sunflower photograph by featured photographer Brenda Hall - Bout Yeh photo video Belfast
Bout Yeh photographers Belfast photograph 8175 - Lemonade Wigs
Product at St Georges Market Belfast photo 1311 by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast. Bout Yeh is an online magazine and a photography, videography, social media marketing services provider and online store in Northern Ireland.
Matt Gillespie, Thunder Park, Bangor - photo 5148 by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast NI. Feature photograph for Bout Yeh magazine, Belfast, Northern Ireland
bout yeh logo - 600 pxl wide

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