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Bout Yeh video production services Belfast – what we do.

Experienced creating engaging video content for broadcast, editorial, social media, corporate and advertising projects in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we do everything from filming to stopry and script develpment, video editing, rights acquisition. Our videographers have worked for clients including BBC Worldwide, UPS USA and have produced advertising video for cinema exhibition. If you are looking for creatives passionate about creating unique, stylised and engaging video content, you have come to the right place.


Story well told

With our lead videographer’s background in editorial and commercial photography, where each image must clearly explain the bigger picture, our video production teams approach every project with these objectives as the primary driver.

Honest and engaging.

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Video production services include – 

  • Commercial
  • Broadcast
  • Editorial
  • Social Media
  • Corporate
  • PR
  • Events

Commercial: stylised commercial videos produced to reflect the best about your organisation, we excel at delivering commercials for the web, broadcast or cinema exhibition that are both memorable and deliver results.

Broadcast: experienced filming producing and directing broadcast video productions for BBC NI, UTV and BBC Worldwide, if you want stylised and engaging content that stands out from the crowd, we would love to work with you.

Editorial: with our lead videographer’s background as an editorial photographer working for clients including Newsweek, The Irish Times, The Economist, LA Times, we have the expertise to create striking and engaging content that tells your story in a memorable and engaging way.

Social Media: with one minute to tell your story it has to quickly get the who, where and why across. Experienced producing video content that consistently engages significant traffic and delivers for Bout Yeh’s social media platforms, we would love to do the same for you.

Corporate: as your organisation grows, getting your corporate message across in a concise and easy to understand manner can seem daunting. Let us understand your ethos and business practices and come up ways of presenting your organisation in  novel and engaging corporate videos.

PR: with video overtaking photo content on Social Media, let’s work together and create amazing pR videos event from the simplest of content.

Events: Stylised event videos that not only cover all that happened and engages with and prompts those seeing them to share across their Social Media, supporting and enhancing your in-house Social Media efforts.

Delivering more

With so much video out there, we research the marketplace to ensure we deliver engaging video unlike any other.

Tell us your needs, and we will present options that suit your requirements, as well as some out of left field, resulting in thought provoking video content that delivers beyond expectation.

Commercial video production.

Produced to appeal to a young demographic interested in visiting and exploring Belfast for a weekend break, we focused on a group of friends arriving in and exploring Northern Ireland’s capital city.

We then go with them as they enjoying, relax and unwind at one of Belfast’s most popular hotel, bar and restaurant venues, Benedicts of Belfast.

What we provided for this project – 
  • Story and Script Development
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Clearances
  • Production and Direction
  • Videographers
  • Edit
  • Cinema exhibition quality video

SAY HI, and let’s get create unique and stylised video content to beat that of your competitors.

    Social Media video production.

    If budget is an issue, we produce short insightful engaging videos such as this. Produced for Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council to promote the pantomime Aladdin. By Bout Yeh video production Belfast.

    What we provided for this project – 
    • Cameraman
    • Editor

    Broadcast video production - Wall to Wall / BBC Worldwide.

    Magnum photo agency photographer Donavan Wylie was filmed photographing the British Army dismantling army watchtowers that overlooked South Armagh Northern Ireland as part of his art photography project. This video production was one of a series commissioned by the BBC about photographers of international repute. 

    What we provided for this project – 
    • Director of Photography / Cameraman
    • Sound Recordist
    • Equipment Hire

    Editorial video production.

    Supporting editorial words and photographs covering the story of a mother and son, we filmed this young mother as she explained her teen pregnancy and the resulting traumas she endured, before coming out the other side and beginning further education at exactly the same time as her young son started primary school education.

    What we provided for this project – 
    • Cameraman
    • Editor

    GIVE US A CALL and let’s work together to create something amazing.

    Information video production.

    Written by someone with Schizaffective Disorder, in this dramatic monologue we hear from a teenage boy living with mental health issues as they give insights into their world and how they cope with this condition. Co-Produced and directed by Bout Yeh’s Stephen S T Bradley for UTV, Belfast.

    What we provided for this project – 
    • Script Development
    • Research
    • Casting
    • Contracts
    • Producing
    • Directing

    Event video production.

    Shot on iPhone, we recorded visual highlights from this Belfast Pride event that would present as a one minute video depicting thee colour and excitement of this annual event – for publication on the Social Media platforms of online magazine Bout Yeh.

    What we provided for this project – 
    • Cameraman
    • Editor