Commercial Photo and Video


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Our photography and video team includes those who have shot for multinationals and SMEs.

You might have heard of them:

  • Coca Cola Inc
  • Dunlop Sports
  • Tesco
  • Diageo
  • Coca Cola

  • UPS
  • UTV
  • BBC Worldwide
  • Benedicts
  • Cafe Carberry
  • Location photography and video production
  • Studio photography and video production
  • Social media photography and video production – different rules compared to print
  • We can build our creative team relative to requirement
  • Social Media Marketing support
  • Location photography and video production: while studio photography has its place, shooting at a picturesque or quirky location, or the client’s premises, can deliver images unique to you that better appeal to your target audience.

    Location photography and video production: take total control over lighting and environment, shooting in a place totally under your control and that of your creative team.

    Social media photography and video production: There is a distinct difference in shots for print and for Social Media. Less is more definitely comes into play, where simpicity of content results in a dramatic increase in engagement and return.

    Social Media Marketing support: Experienced building a substantial online following, and delivering view/impressions on our Social Media in the hundreds of thousands, let us know if you need assistance with yours.

    Lifestyle Photography

    Images of happy smiling people enjoying what they are doing is one of the most effective ways of engaging an audience.

    Our lead photographer, Stephen S T Bradley, has photographed people doing just that in Northern Ireland, London and across the US – where he lived and worked for six years shooting for Coca Cola, UPS, Home Depot, Georgia Power and Newsweek, to name but a few.

    Tell us your goals, and we will come back with ideas along the lines of those required and some a bit left field, which may deliver more than expected and will definitely catch your competitors on the left foot.

    This project was one of a series created to engage a youth market for Coca Cola USA – see the project HERE

    Skateboarder photograph by staff at Bout Yeh commercial photography and video production Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Full project HERE >

    Food Photography

    Dayfresh Restaurant and Catering Group in London asked Bout Yeh’s lead photographer to fly over and photograph their new menu range products, to allow a fast update of their marketing and promotional collateral.

    Working at breakneck speed we build a set, photographed the client’s full rang of restaurant and catering produce and had the images on the client’s laptop two days after this particular food and architectural shoot.

    Feast your eyes on our photography of the Dayfresh range and restaurant HERE.

    Food photographers Belfast portfolio featured image 3188 - salami and watercress sandwich

    Full project HERE >

    Drone Photography and Videography

    Experienced filming for BBC and UTV, and with equipment registered with the Civil Aviation Authority, our drone photographers and videographers can deliver stylised aerial imagery, taking your marketing collateral to new heights.

    Delivering unique and engaging drone photography and video production for advertising, architectural or construction clients in Northern Ireland and further afield, we would love to hear from you.

    Drone photography and video at Kia’s Newtownards dealership, Downey Cars.

    Aerial drone photography of Kia Cars Newtownabbey by Bout Yeh aerial drone photographers, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Full project HERE >

    PR Photography

    This popular East Belfast restaurant approached Bout Yeh to photograph their staff and produce, and promote the Tasty Bird brand across Bout Yeh’s social media platforms – to a new online audience of thousands.

    The photoshoot not only captured the restaurants home-made regular and vegan pizza, meal and dessert dishes, but also the personality of this family business, by including happy smiling faces of management and support staff.

    Click HERE to see the images we shot.

    Restaurant photographers Belfast Northern Ireland portfolio featured image 6084 - vegan pizza

    Full project HERE >

    Commercial Video Production

    Approached by one of Belfast’s most popular hotel, bar and restaurant venues, Bout Yeh’s lead video producer was commissioned by Benedicts of Belfast to create a cinema commercial that engaged a young audience who are considering spending time visiting Belfast with friends or family.

    We created a shooting script that introduced the commercial’s main characters in the form of photos of the group taken at various popular tourist destinations in Belfast city centre.

    The script then brings the young friends in to motion as they approach and enter Benedicts Hotel, where they are welcomed by friendly staff before enjoying the hotel’s restaurant, live music in the bar and spacious bedrooms.

    This commercial is running at a major cinema in Derry, to intrigue and engage a young audience considering vacationing in Belfast.

    Full project HERE >