Make your marketing collateral stand out from the crowd and outperform that of your competitors and peers.

Drone footage or photos from the sky, showing places old and new in a totally different perspective, is a great way to get the jump on the competition.

Using dramatic drone video footage that takes the viewer on a thrill ride through and around properties, or follows the action as cars move through picturesque scenery, and you have a tool that takes your marketing collateral to a new level

Our team include those experienced filming for UTV, BBC NI and BBC Worldwide

Tourism, hospitality and residential

With online being the primary audience driver, your marketing imagery needs to outshine that of your competitors.

Drone photography and video, shot by experienced professionals who know how to compose and work with light and movement to engage emotional connection, will most likely surpass your marketing and PR goals.

Contact us today and let’s take their breath away.

  • Hotels
  • Outdoor activities
  • Scenery
  • Events


Drone Aerial Photo and Video Services: 

  • Commercial
  • PR
  • Editorial
  • Advertising
  • Private

Commercial: Feature new or known subject matter in a new and dynamic way, bringing in the awe factor to engage much more effectively than photography or video from the ground ever can.

PR: Aerial photography or video works best with medium to large scale events, but can be equally as effective featuring a small number of people in a large and dramatic vista. With staff experienced delivering PR photography and video for local, national and international agency, corporate and government PR and communications clients, we guarantee delivery of imagery to engage the pickiest of picture editors.

Editorial: Mix it up with photographs and video from the ground with dramatic vertical rise or fly over shots, and your feature or news story will deliver a significant increase in page views and shares on Social Media. Ensuring your brand stays well ahead of that of your peers.

Advertising: Drone photography and video technology allows for delivery of aerial footage that in the past was solely in the realm of blockbuster content. Our drone photographers an dvideographers are itching to deliver aerial  photography and video equally as good as their work from the ground for advertising clients on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Private: Capture your home, property or favourite destination from a new dynamic perspective with aerial drone photography or video for that extra wow factor, when seen by family friends and colleagues

TELL US WHAT YOU NEED and we will deliver.

Construction development and inspection

Not only can we photograph and film inaccessible areas, we can create time-lapse video resulting in a flight around a building that shows it grow and expand.

Contact us today and let’s knock it out of the ballpark. 

  • Roof inspection photography and video production
  • Building inspection photography and video production
  • Time-lapse photography and video production
  • Construction photography and video production
  • Architectural photography and video production

Working for clients in these locations

  • Belfast
  • County Antrim
  • County Down
  • County Tyrone
  • County Derry
  • County Fermanagh
  • Northern Ireland

The Portico of Ards

Tasked with showing the location and unique architecture and style of this historic building, we decided to tie in it’s connection with the history and surrounding countryside and waterways by beginning our aerial video circling high around nearby Windmill Hill tower, showing the grandeur of the surrounding area.

After establishing engagement with place, we move our view towards and over the sleepy coastal town of Portaferry, before circling the Portico building and flying towards and through a large gable window to see inside this historic building’s interior.

Based in Belfast, we provide aerial drone photography and video for these and other industry sectors –
Aerial view of The Portico Ards Portaferry by Bout Yeh drone photography and video production Northern Ireland - image 5

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Belfast Castle

Making this place look good was almost too easy.

Situated on the wooded slopes of Cave Hill Country Park and beneath the mountain’s Napoleon-like outline, all we needed to do was find a start and end point to film this spectacular location from the air.

Starting near the road that runs through the property and leads to Belfast Castle, we flew our drone close to tree lines, teasing the audience with glimpses of the building through the park’s tall and grand forestation.

Moving forward and down, we revealed the manicured gardens that siurround the castle, before moving to the right of the building for a return pass from a distance to show the castle’s majestic surroundings within greater Belfast and it’s other surrounding hills.

We provide drone photography and videography in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dublin and Ireland.
    Aerial photo of Belfast Castle and Cave Hill - photo 5 by Bout Yeh aerial drone photography and video production, Belfast

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    Glendun to Cushendun

    Beginning high in Glendun, we follow the River Dun as it wends it’s way to the sea, at the the sleepy seaside village of Cushendun.

    Passing near sheep grazing high in the hills, we move seaward and pass over the towering Glendun viaduct before passing  whitewashed St. Patrick’s Church and Craigagh Wood.

    Moving backwards towards to where the River Dun meets the Irish sea, we are introduced to Cushendun as we pass over the village’s stone bridge.

    Coming through and out from Cushendun’s caves, made famous as location in the series Game of Thrones where Melisandre give birth to the shadow creature, we move skyward before circling the village and finishing our journey over Cushendun Bay.

    Providing drone photography and videography services throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland.
      Sheep beside stream at the top of Glendun filmed from the air by Bout Yeh aerial drone photography and video production Belfast

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      Kia dealership hosts charity drive-in

      As our lead photographer and videographer volunteered to help the Northern Ireland Hospice with their cinema drive-in fundraiser at Kia dealership Downey’s Cars in Newtownards, County Down, he brought his drone and here are the images he shot.

      Bout Yeh is a Belfast based drone photography and videography services provider working throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland for businesses and government bodies.
        Aerial photography of Kia Cars Newtownabbey by Bout Yeh aerial drone photographers, Belfast, Northern Ireland - screenshot 2

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