From the Glens to the Irish sea.

Drone photography and videography portfolio – Glendun to Cushendun

This video production as created to give a brief overview of some of the most popular scenery, architecture and places in Glendun, one of the world famous Glens of Antrim.

Produced for editorial use on Bout Yeh, this video begins high on the slopes of Slievenanee on the Antrim Plateau, where the River Dun starts begins its journey to the sea and the small coastal village of Cushendun.

The village’s sheltered harbour and expansive beach are surrounded by hill farms, hedgerows and traditional dry stone walls dotted across Cushendun bay headland, making this an ideal daytrip destination for locals and tourists alike.

An aerial journey from the top of Glendun to Cushendun Bay


Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Stephen S T Bradley sitting on rocks at Cushendun bay, Glendun

Bout Yeh’s Stephen S T Bradley who is featured in, filmed and produced the video

Our team includes those experienced filming for BBC Worldwide.

Aerial photography services for this project:


  • Location scouting

  • Aerial drone photography

  • Video edit

  • Formatting for Social Media use

River Dun at the top of Glendun
Sheep beside stream at the top of Glendun
Saint Patricks church and graveyard in Craigagh, Glendun
Cushendall to Cushendun Road entering Cushendun, Glendun
Aerial view of Dun river and Cushendun and Glendun
Game of Thrones location The Red Caves and apartments at Cushendun, Glendun
Aerial view of Maud cottages and Cushendun, Glendun
The Old Church Centre, a former Church of Ireland church, in Cushendun
Paddleboarder and canoeists on Dun river and Cushendun Bay, Glendun
Setting sun shines through trees above bridge and River Dun at Cushendun, Glendun