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USE OUR PR PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOGRAPHY SERVICES and we will share your content with thousands of our Northern Ireland targeted followers *gratis.

Experienced photographing for local, national and international PR, editorial and corporate clients, including Edelman PRNewsweek, New York Times, The Economist, The Times, UPS, Diageo, PWC and Tesco , as well as primary Northern Ireland newspapers the Belfast Telegraph, Belfast Live, Belfast Newsletter and Irish News – we deliver engaging content that appeals to the pickiest of picture editors and that get’s your message across. 

Northern Ireland News Photographer of the Year two years in a row.

Experienced photographers and videographers

Led by chief photographer Stephen S T Bradley (twice NI News Photographer of the Year) our team of experienced PR and editorial photographers have had work reproduced in every national news publication in UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA.

Happy doing generic photo and video. Ecstatic shooting cutting edge.

•gratis Social Media content sharing on Bout Yet against minimum monthly spend on our PR photo or video services (contact us for details).


PR Photography services: 

  • Generic PR.
  • Stylised Editorial – giving your release extra leverage.
  • Corporate Portraiture.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Annual Report Photography.

Videography services:

  • Live stream and upload (social media).
  • On-site editing (at shoot location).
  • Interviews.
  • Events (live and recorded).


Generic PR photography: great for corporate end use, we shoot engaging generic PR photographs that makes the client (and those in our photographs) look amazing.

Stylised Editorial photography: as picture editors can be very selective about their content, with our experience photographing for the Belfast Telegraph, Belfast Live, The Times London, The Economist and other national and international news organisations, we deliver imagery on a par with, or better than, that of staff photographers at news outlets with international circulations.

Corporate Portraiture photography: our PR photographers have photographed Prime Ministers, multinational CEO’s and international celebrities – in shooting and lighting styles that compliment the client’s requirements.

Lifestyle photography: whether PR, annual report, editorial, corporate communications, we consistently deliver engaging images .

Annual Report photography: Randstad USA, Northern Ireland Executive, UPS USA, Home Depot, Georgia Power, Invest NI – our photographer’s have shot for their Annual Report.



Live stream and upload (social media): filming on mobile devices or broadcast quality cameras, we live stream or upload social media formatted video that delivers optimum engagement.

On-site Editing (at shoot location): As the social media audience demands immediate updates, if you require a more polished production, our editors will cut, enhance, add audio and deliver broadcast quality high resolution or web resolution video during the event we are photographing or filming for you.

Interviews: We can also develop and produce interviews (live or recorded) to broadcast standard – as our video producers have done for UTV, BBC NI and BBC Worldwide.

Events (live and recorded): Delivering single or multi-crew filming and streaming of live events.

TELL US WHAT YOU NEED and we will deliver.

Story Development and Press Distribution

With a team that includes a former staff photographer at the Belfast Telegraph we can also provide story research and development, copywriting and photo caption writing services and caption embedding within the code of our photographs – allowing auto photo and photo caption integration within the editing systems of all news outlets.

Lifestyle Photography

Depending on the client and end user, we are equally as happy shooting generic PR photography as we are shooting stylised PR photography.

We can even shoot in the style of specific news and magazine outlets (ie. Wallpaper, Sunday Times Magazine, The Economist, etc).

Our photographers have shot for – 
Work Published – 

Portrait Photography.

Knowing any imagery representing your organisation must create an immediate positive reaction with the viewer, we will work with you to develop a shooting style and image edit that does just that.

PLEASED to listen to your needs, we will research and develop a style of lighting , composition and image that states the ethos of who you are and engages as it must.

Some of the most experienced PR, editorial and commercial photographers in Northern Ireland, our photographers have shot for – 

Commercial Photography and Video Production.

As the way to any persons heart can be though their stomach, our photographers are experienced creating mouthwatering food photographs, including these

SAY HI, and let’s ensure your imagery connects as strongly with your target audience.

Our photographers have shot commercial projects for – 

Video Production.

With Social Media craving content, experienced producing, directing and filming for BBC Worldwide and UTV, we deliver video designed to intrigue, engage and promote action with a call to action starting at £260 (example for Antrim and Newtownabbey Council here)

SAY HI, and ensure your content blows that of your compeitors out of the water.

Our videographers have exprienced creating content for – 

Video – Aladdin at The Courtyard Theatre, Newtownabbey. Social Media promo video for Antrim and Newtownabbey Council.

Architectural Photography.

As some media outlets are more specific in their content requirements than others, we provide exterior and interior architectural photography to support PR imagery of people.

Our photographers have photographed projects for – 


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