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Food Photography services: 

Location food photography: whether photographing food on the client’s premises, or at well known tourist locations, tell us your requirements and we will come back with solutions that exceed expectation.

Studio food photography: maximise the effect of light and background, we can shoot against clean backgrounds or within stylised sets that give your products and brand that extra oomph.

Food stylists: Take your food photography to the next level by using one of our experienece food stylists, resulting in food photography as good as that of high end catering establishments such as Mirazu, Noma, Gaggan and Geranium.

Social Media Marketing support: Experienced building a substantial online following, delivering view/impressions on our Social Media in the hundreds of thousands, let us know if you need assistance with yours and we will be pleased to deliver the goods.

Video Production: Having filmed, directed and produced for clients including BBC NI, UTV, UPS US and BBC Worldwide, we love creating videos that are informative, fun and engaging.

Food Photography project 1

It’s all in the detail, they say. And we wholeheartedly agree.

While photographs showing beautiful interiors and exteriors of eating establishments will engage through appreciation of good interior design and ambience, medium and close up photographs of ingredients and food made with them engage through the tummy and mind.

Our food photographs for Belfast restaurant and catering company, Cafe Carberry, are a case in point – see them HERE.

Food photographers Belfast portfolio photo 1410 - coffee beans in heart shape beside coffee in cups,

Full project HERE >

Food Photography project 2

Dayfresh Restaurant and Catering Group in London asked Bout Yeh’s lead photographer to fly over and photograph their new menu range products, to allow a fast update of their marketing and promotional collateral.

Working at breakneck speed we build a set, photographed the client’s full rang of restaurant and catering produce and had the images on the client’s laptop two days after this particular food and architectural shoot.

Feast your eyes on our photography of the Dayfresh range and restaurant HERE.

Food photographers Belfast portfolio featured image 3188 - salami and watercress sandwich

Full project HERE >

Food Photography project 3

Benedicts Hotel Bar and Restaurant asked our lead photographer to produce a cinema commercial promoting the hotel and reasons why those in their late teens and early twenties would want to visit and stay.

Happy with the video shoot, Benedicts commissioned Bout Yeh’s lead photographer Stephen S T Bradley to photograph the restaurant’s food.

Click HERE to see the images we shot, along with the cinema commercial created for Benedicts.

Food photographers Belfast portfolio featured image 0854 - fish dish with prawn and lemon garnish

Full project HERE >

Food Photography project 4

This popular East Belfast restaurant approached Bout Yeh to photograph their staff and produce, and promote the Tasty Bird brand across Bout Yeh’s social media platforms – to a new online audience of thousands.

The photoshoot not only captured the restaurants home-made regular and vegan pizza, meal and dessert dishes, but also the personality of this family business, by including happy smiling faces of management and support staff.

Click HERE to see the images we shot.

Restaurant photographers Belfast Northern Ireland portfolio featured image 6084 - vegan pizza

Full project HERE >