Portico of Ards arts and heritage centre.

Drone photography and videography portfolio – The Portico of Ards

Commissioned to represent this historic building’s location and facilities was both a joy and challenge.

Beginning the video, we circle Windmill Hill tower to glimpse the location’s geographic beauty where the the waters of the Irish sea meet those of Strangford Lough at the historic village of Portaferry. 

Moving towards the Portico Centre, we catch a glimpse the ferry arriving at Portaferry taking passengers from Strangford town on the opposite side of the lough.

Arriving at The Portico of Ards, we see a detailed glimpse of it’s unique architecture, before circling the building and moving towards and inside the building via a primary window and arrive inside Portico’s unique interior. 

Inside the building we cut left to see an exhibition illustrating the building’s history before again moving forward and arriving at a grand piano located in the building’s main stage area as we are greeted by the sound of cheers from an appreciative audience.

Moving up across the pipe’s of the Portico organ we are introduced to a historic stained glass window which we use as a means of taking the viewer outside for a final reveal of the building’s location, before ending on tight shot of the building’s unique architecture.

Location –  The Portico Ards


Video by Bout Yeh aerial drone photography and video Belfast, Northern Ireland

Screenshot of aerial video of Windmill Hill Portaferry by Bout Yeh drone photo and video - image 2

Screengrab from this drone video, showing Windmill Hill, produced by Bout Yeh’s Stephen S T Bradley

Our team includes those experienced filming for BBC Worldwide.

Aerial photography services for this project:


  • Location scouting

  • Safety assessment

  • Aerial and interior drone photography and videography

  • Video Edit


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Video production freeze-frame showing a dynamic perspective of the frontage of the Portico of Ards building.

Screenshot of aerial videography of Portaferry County Down by Bout Yeh drone photo video - image 4

Moving forward from Windmill Hill tower we see The  Portico of Ards in the distance, situated in a central position within the County Down town of Portaferry.

Screenshot of aerial videography of Portico Ards Portaferry by Bout Yeh drone photo video - image 5

With our drone positioned to give a general view of The Portico of Ards, we begin a 360 degree rotation to show the detail, architecture and location of this uniquely styled building.

Screenshot of interior videography of Portico Ards Portaferry by Bout Yeh drone photo video - image 7

Using an edit technique, we move inside through an exterior window to reveal the building’s ornate interior.

Screenshot of interior videography of Portico Ards Portaferry by Bout Yeh drone photo video - image 8

Rising up past the modern organ pipes and historic stained glass window, we begin our move outside, as if through the glass.

Aerial photograph of The Portico of Ards Portaferry by Bout Yeh drone photography and video production

The video’s final image shows a tight shot of the exterior of The Portico of Ards building overlaid with their brand and subtle call to action in the form of their web address.