Stylised multi-shot aerial video production.

Drone photography and videography portfolio – Belfast Castle

Capturing the grandeur and scale of this Belfast park, we took to the skies for a totally new view of this spectacular location.

This drone video production was created to first tease the viewer by presenting tantalizing glimpses of this historic building through trees in this popular Belfast destination.

We begin to see the size and scale of the Belfast Castle as our drone moves low and close, before tracking left across the building’s south facing frontage, reaving the grandeur of Cave Hill.

Reaching the end of the building, we move back and up to see the castle’s location within the property’s grounds, before moving forward to over the park towards Belfast and the surrounding countryside.

Location Belfast Castle


Drone video by Bout Yeh photographers staff Belfast

Aerial photo of Belfast Castle and Cave Hill - photo 2 291020

Screengrab from drone video produced by Bout Yeh’s Stephen S T Bradley

Our team includes those experienced filming for BBC Worldwide.

Aerial photography services for this project:


  • Location scouting

  • Route mapping

  • Drone videography

  • Video Edit


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Aerial photography and video productions of the construction process, roof and building inspections, and mouth watering imagery of the completed project.  

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Dramatic imagery of the south facing frontage of Belfast Castle from this drone video production.

Aerial photo of car approaching Belfast Castle along a tree lined road - photo 1 291020

Giving scale, a car approaches the castle’s main entrance through a road lined with Autumn coloured trees.

Aerial photo of Belfast Castle and Cave Hill - photo 7 291020

Belfast Castle and it’s position within the forest covered vista of Cave Hill Country Park comes into view.

Aerial photo of Belfast Castle and Cave Hill - photo 2 291020

As our drone moves closer, attention is drawn to the castle and it’s unique gothic architecture.

Aerial photo of Belfast Castle and Cave Hill - photo 4 291020

Rising higher, we are presented with the manicured lawns and water feature within the main grounds of Belfast Castle.

Aerial photo of Belfast Castle and Cave Hill - photo 6 291020

Having tracked to the right, our drone rises higher and rotates west before beginning its journey forward over grass and woodland that leads to the park’s main entrance.