Ryan pictured in front of Harland and Wolff shipyard, Belfast.

I grew up in a very creative family.

I grew up in a very creative family, who have always supported and encouraged me to pursue my creative career but of course being your typical ‘mummy’s boy’ my mum takes the title of my number one fan.

As a kid I idolised my Great Uncle, Jim, he was one of those people who was everyones ‘Uncle’ but he was also the quintessential creative type, he had this natural ability of putting pen to paper and creating something unusual and captivating, wether it was an illustration, poetry, painting or playing the guitar.

He was the first person to show me the basics of using a camera, teaching everything from how to focus to simply thinking more outside the box.

The encouragement and support I got throughout my life has lead me to studying animation in Ulster University, animation is a way of bringing together art, music, film making and all forms of creativity to create something that connects with people on a more personal level in a very impactful way.

My biggest problem is I overthink, over criticise and stress about my work which creates a lot of mental blocks.

I think people’s best work happens when they let it come naturally, not over planning or over thinking it, and just letting their passion drive their work.


Photography shared by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Ryan pictured in front of Harland and Wolff shipyard, Belfast .
Night shot of Harland and Wolff shipyard by photographer Ryan Smith.

photography: ©Ryan Smith, for Bout Yeh


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Dramatic night shot of Harland and Wolff shipyard, Belfast by Ryan Smith.


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