Lee Cronin, movie director photographed at Queens Film Theatre, Belfast - photo 6656.

The Hole In The Ground.

Dublin director Lee Cronin photographed at Queens Film Theatre Belfast by Bout Yeh for a preview screening of his first feature film, The Hole in the Ground.

As the movie is of the horror genre, our photographer asked Lee to pose similarly to MacAulay Caulkin’s ‘scream’ face, but the director politely declined saying it wasn’t him.

Being the seasoned veteran, our photographer went to Plan B and worked another style of image that still reflected things scary.

The Hole in the Ground is the story of a young mother and your son moving to a new home, where her child seemingly takes on a new persona after his first walk alone in nearby woods.

Held together by excellent female lead, Seána Kerslake, this visually sumptuous movie is a must-see for horror fans and those who appreciate a unique story with excellent plot twists.

DON’T go into the woods alone.

Lee Cronin

at Queens Film TheatreBelfast


Story by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Lee Cronin, movie director by Bout Yeh photography Belfast - photo 6642

Photography: Stephen S T Bradley for Bout Yeh.

Film Distribution, IRL: Wildcard Distribution

Film Distribution, UK: Vertigo Releasing UK

Lee Cronin, movie director by Bout Yeh photography Belfast - photo 6659

Trailer for the Lee Evans movie, The Hole In The Ground.

While ‘In Cinemas Now’ shown in trailer, it may not be the case when you see this.


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