Bout Yeh photographers Belfast photograph 8142 - Lemonade Wigs.

Having Alopecia all my life, I do things a bit differently from my friends.

Including getting up early and drawing on my eyebrows and eyeliner.

It’s great to be able to wear different wigs every day. I love having the choice of changing my hair each day and having loads of different options to choose from.

It’s actually quite fun.

Nicola has been amazing, and has been helping me since I was eight.

Now she runs Lemonade Wigs, she can help a lot more women.

Charley and Nicola – at Lemonade Wigs, Newtownabbey.


Photography: Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Bout Yeh photographers Belfast photograph 8147 - Lemonade Wigs.
Bout Yeh photographers Belfast photograph 8192 - Lemonade Wigs.


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