Grace, at The Mac, Belfast - photo 0263.

Living in a big city.

I came to Northern Ireland because I like travelling, and because I wanted to embrace a new culture and have a more rounded opinion.

Coming from a small community, the idea of living in a big city appealed to me.

I’m studying English and creative writing, at Queens University, Belfast, only because I enjoy it.

A lot of my friends did law and chemistry, where they would have good job prospects. I just really enjoy poetry
and would like to be a journalist, live in another country, and write poetry.

My favourite poets are Grace Nicholls, and of course, Seamus Heaney.
Grace Nicholls is a Caribbean poet, who came to England in the 1950’s during the depression.

She writes a lot about her homeland, how coming to England affected her, and how she missed hurricanes.

When I’m older, I’d like to do many things. I don’t really want to do the same thing for more than five years.

I’d like to be an opera singer, write books, be a journalist, and I’d like to travel. Nothing is concrete, yet.


I like the idea of living in communities, and looking after each there, instead of focusing on self and material possessions.

I like the idea of communism, but don’t think anyone has seen that work yet. I don’t like the idea of borders and boundaries, and I don’t like that poorer people can’t travel.

There needs to be more opportunities for people to travel, and for acceptance.


Story by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Grace, at The Mac, Belfast - photo 0259.
Grace, at The Mac, Belfast - photo 0256.
Grace, at The Mac, Belfast - photo 0260.


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