Simon, at The Mac, Belfast - photo 0199.

Security guard with a difference.

In Spain I was a private security guard. While I may not look the security guard type, I have the same self defence training as the police, which means I have the means to defend myself. I have used this training twice in my security work so far.

I was a nighttime civilian security guard, looking after very large IT servers and server related equipment for very large companies.
I have been living in Belfast for just over a year. Actually, I’m just back from visiting my family at home in Barcelona.
I am next going to work as a blacksmith. Until then, I will work at anything that pays the bills.

A friend in Spain got me a part in a short movie, called Subliminal, and it has won a lot of prizes on the international film circuit. My part was secondary, I acted as a policemen investigating a crime.

Being in a film for the first time was very daunting, because there was so much equipment, and I had to learn a lot of lines, which I had never done before.

That film experience resulted in me being cast in a main role in another film, which is doing very well on the film festival circuit. Two months ago I was acted for best actor at Philadelphia Film Festival.

I live in Donegall Road, and have absolutely no idea where in Belfast that is.

Simon (Belfast)

At The Mac, Belfast.


Story by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Simon, at The Mac, Belfast - photo 0191.
Simon, at The Mac, Belfast - photo 0200.
Simon, at The Mac, Belfast - photo 0196.


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