Tim McCarthy, Blackfire Hot sauces photo 6678 by Bout Yeh photographers and video production services Belfast, Northern Ireland.

What else would you call Ireland’s hottest hot sauce but Pain In The Hole.

Made with the worlds hottest chilli The Carolina Reaper and containing cancer fighting antioxidents, Pain In The Hole is also the scourge of the last part the anatomy to experience anything you eat.

I am passionate about putting the best quality ingredients into our products, so I grow quite a few of them myself including 22 chilli varieties. I also grow five of the worlds hottest varieties, including The Carolina Reaper, who is the hottest on the world.

Jay Rainer who presents The Kitchen Cabinet on BBC Radio 4 approached me before Christmas and asked me to talk about the use of my new latest sauce in the range, which happens to be the hottest sauce in Ireland. It’s called Pain in the Hole.

With only four calories per serving our hot sauces have a lot of health benefits as well.

Obviously you put fruit and vegetables in a chilli sauce. The chilli’s themselves have anti-oxidents who are reputed to have cancer fighting properties.

As they’re one of the oldest condiments in the world, there must be something extraordinary about them.

You can use our hot sauces on everything from breakfast to dinner.

In the morning if I was going an omelette, I would doubt my Sampson Sauce on it who has mango, dulce and rose petals in it, believe it or not.

If I was looking to spice up a curry, or a stew, later in the evening, I was go for something particularly hot called The Belfastard.

Our sauces are very versatile and can be used as a condiment or an additive when you are cooking.

Tim McCarthyBlackFire Artisan Foods, Belfast


Photography: Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Tim McCarthy, Blackfire Hot sauces photo 6686 - Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

BlackFire Artisan Food woner Tim McCarthy

Photograph: Stephen S T Bradley for Bout Yeh

Tim McCarthy, Blackfire Hot sauces photo 6687 - Bout Yeh photographers Belfast
Tim McCarthy, Blackfire Hot sauces photo 6683 - Bout Yeh photographers Belfast


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