Mushrooms growing in dew tipped grass.

The beauty of nature.

Quite often, at Bout Yeh, when looking through photos on Instagram, we are stopped in our tracks by something special. When we dig deeper, we are very often surprised by the depth of emotion the images of a photographer bring to the table.

That photographer can be anyone from a seasoned professional, to someone who simply enjoys photography as a hobby, who has an innate understanding of how to uniquely express the enjoyment of what they see, with their camera.


Mother of three Karen Barnes, who also volunteers at two charities, finds time to enjoy nature, usually very close up!

Enjoy the photography of Karen Barnes (Antrim) below.


Photography shared by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Old Irish living room, by bout yeh photographers Belfast audience member.

photography in Bout Yeh by Karen Barnes

Ants feeding on carrot - bout yeh photographers Belfast photo.

This was taken in my garden after my rabbit had left I tiny bit of carrot in the grass. The orange stood out against the green and it looked like the whole thing was moving as the ants where busy taking it apart.

I watched for along time before I thought ” I should get a photo of this”.

Old Irish living room, Antrim, Northern Ireland.

This was taken in Pogues Entry in Antrim. It was the home of Alexander Irvine. I was sitting on the bed of this tiny little cottage when I took this photo, and wondering how so many could fit in such a small space.

Plant with seeds, Botanic Gardens, Belfast.

The swirl is just so pretty. I spotted this while walking through Botanic Gardens in Belfast. I find it so interesting how mother nature works.

Photo of mushrooms growing in dew tipped grass.

This photograph taken one Autumn morning while walking the kids to school. I just loved the detail in the mushroom as well as the delicate morning dew.

K Barnes and children - bout yeh photographers Belfast photo.

I volunteer with Volunteer NI and with Antrim Homestart which helps local families with young children. My kids names are Riona, Shannon and Aidan.


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