Mike and Sarah, Palm House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast - photo 4336.

My oasis.

I like coming to the Palm House because it’s an oasis.

My mum and dad used to bring me here, and to the museum, when when I was a kid. I remember the first time I saw the mummy, everyone runs out screaming!

Happy memories like. A lot’s changed. I remember the wee hot house. There used to be fish, big carp and goldfish, you know!

Actually, my mum has photographs of my granny in here as a kid, that would have been in Victorian times like.

My granny used to come up here, she used to be a hawker as they used to call it. She used to come round, rag and bone.

She used to push the hand cart around Stranmillis and Rugby Avenue, so.

I just work in the fruit market mate, you know! Boucher Road. So, I’m used to greenery, so I’m sick of looking at these things.

Mike and Sarah (West Belfast)

The Palm House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast.
Mike at The Palm House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast - photo 4327.
Mike at The Palm House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast - photo 4325.


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