Amy at Titanic Belfast,Northern Ireland. Photo 0808.

I’d like to teach people.

I would describe myself as ambitious. I have always had very big dreams, some of them maybe unrealistic. Such as wanting to be on the moon.


I was a competitive Irish dancer for about fifteen years, and I’ve since gone on to teach Irish dancing for the school that taught me, The Hughes Farrelly Academy.

I am studying interdisciplinary health services, at Western Michigan University, and will eventually further my education and do Occupation Therapy, like many of the people with me on this trip.

My main focus is to work with the older adult population.

One of the things that motivated me to become an OT (Occupational Therapist) was when I was rehabbing my uncle. He was pretty young and had a series of mini strokes and one massive stroke.

He stayed at my family home for quite some time. I happened to be home a lot of the time, and have seen him slowly recover over time.

I would like to eventually go back and teach in an OT department and teach people to work with older adults. There is so much to learn from older people.

At home, I work at a senior day services and we provide restup for care givers for a lot of veterans, and people who grew up with disabilities. Those who, in the thirties, forties and fifties, were institutionalised.

May of them have had a stroke or other disability, such as struggling with PTSD or dementia.

Yeah, I’d like to teach people.

Amy at Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland. Photo 0810.
Amy at Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland. Photo 0806.
Amy at Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland. Photo 0805.


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