Sian, at Gleno waterfall, Northern Ireland - photo 8979.

Hiking was the start of it all

As a keen hiker, my photography journey started as a way to capture some of the landscapes and places I visited, from the Mournes to the Alps and Himalayas.


Since joining Ards Camera Club I have become increasingly interested in photographing people – be they family and friends, candid street shots or travel portraits.

Taking photos is a great excuse to get out and about and take the time to see things slightly differently. As well as being great reminders of trips or moments, I love seeing photos transformed into printed images.

My husband and I own a white VW camper van (known as ‘Stormie’ as it’s the colour of a Stormtrooper!). As well as travelling around Ireland, we have managed trips to Scotland, France, Portugal and Spain, in the past number of years. It is a fantastic way to explore.

I hope my photos encourage people to get out and explore more – be that Belfast or further afield.

Sian (Facebook / Instagram), Belfast

At Gleno Waterfall, Gleno.


Story by Bout Yeh photographers Belfast

Sian, at Gleno waterfall, Northern Ireland - photo 8989.

Photography: Stephen S T Bradley for Bout Yeh

Featured photographer, Sian Kerr, photograph, Culture Night Belfast parade biker.

Culture Night: This guy and his bike were part of Belfast’s 2017 Culture Night Parade which started in Royal Avenue. As well as the great pose, I love the reflection of the old buildings in the helmet’s visor. 

Featured photographer, Sian Kerr, photograph, Jaca Cowboy, Belfast.

Jaca Cowboy: This photo is taken outside the Cathedral of St Peter the Apostle in Jaca which is small town in Aragon, northern Spain, near the Pyrenees. 

Featured photographer, Sian Kerr, photograph, vandal nightclub, Belfast.

Vandal: This shot was taken on a photowalk of Belfast City Centre with fellow Camera Club member @peppermint76. It was a chance moment outside Vandal in Winecellar Entry. I just love the red dress and sign!

Featured photographer, Sian Kerr, photograph, Sinclair, Belfast.

Sinclair: At ninety four years of age, Sinclair is the oldest member of Ards Camera Club, and still a photographic force to be reckoned with! I joined the Club two years ago and, as well as providing many opportunities to get out and explore Northern Ireland with other photographers such as Explore Home Photography, Ryan Patterson Photography and Evade and Ignite, it has enabled me to learn so much.

Featured photographer, Sian Kerr, photograph, waiting in the rain.

Waiting in the Rain: This photo is of my cousin, Louise, and her dogs in Ormeau Park. My family get pretty fed up with me taking their photos all the time but the upside is that they now completely ignore me! That nonchalance allowed me to capture this moment. The print now hangs in my uncle’s hallway. 

Featured photographer, Sian Kerr, photograph, smoke break.

Smoke Break: This year I was fortunate to be able to travel to Myanmar. There were many highlights throughout the trip but of particular note were the opportunities we had to meet and engage with locals. Our guide introduced us to this man and his mother in a small rural village. They welcomed us into their home and were very happy for us to take their photo as they relaxed in the sunshine outside.


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