Irish landscape painting – Flame Tree in peat Bog


Flame Tree In The Bog – 58 x 51 cm

Own this vibrant interpretation of a landscape in Connemara, Ireland. Original mixed media painting by Northern Ireland (Portrush) born artist Margaret B.


Flame Tree In Peat Bog – 58 x 51 xm

an original mixed media painting by Northern Irish artist Margaret B.

This was painted on a boiling hot day. Sitting in a peat bog in Connemara, near Clifton, in the west of Ireland, I was trying to get the feeling of the tremendous heat, hence the huge sun.

I used inks and acrylic paint and had to sketch very quickly as everything was drying up.  

A man suddenly started playing  ancient Irish melodies on an harmonica. Just magic!

Margaret B, Belfast (ref: margaretb)

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Painting offered for sale by Bout Yeh art gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Dimensions 58 × 51 cm

59 x 44 cm


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