French landscape painting – Midi (midday)


Midi (midday) – 35 x 49 cm

Art gallery Northern Ireland

Own this original mixed media painting of a French landscape by Portrush, Northern Ireland, born artist Margaret Brand


Midi (midday) – 35 x 49 cm

an original mixed media painting by Northern Irish artist Margaret Brand, presented by Bout Yeh art gallery Northern Ireland.

I am always fascinated by the way in European countries everyone disappears from the streets, everything is shut for lunch and siesta. This is one such day in hot French sun and I managed to get a quick sketch while sitting in the shade.

I used collage to increase the texture and feel of the buildings. I even allowed the steeple to melt a little to convey the heat!

Margaret Brand, Belfast (ref: margaretb)

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Painting offered for sale by Bout Yeh art gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Dimensions 35 × 49 cm

59 x 44 cm


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